Mystic Mountain

Starting from the base of the mountain, you’ll get swept off your feet in every sense of the word as you glide up Mystic Mountain on the SkyExplorer Chairlift all the way to 700 ft. above sea level. You’ll emerge from the lush jungle to views that will take your breath away. The sweeping coastline and town of Ocho Rios below offer fantastic photo opportunities along the way before you arrive at the top of the mountain ready to play the day away with rides, attractions, pool, dining and entertainment. You’ll hop off right in front of the Mystic Pavilion, offering a journey into the heart of Jamaican culture.

A short walk away is the crown jewel of Mystic Mountain: the Bobsled Jamaica attraction. This signature ride features a gravity-driven plunge through 3280 feet of twists and turns on a specially designed sled evoking the glory of the 1988 and 1992 Jamaican Olympic Bobsled teams. The track for the Bobsled run was laid specifically to avoid disturbing the natural landscape; as such , the trail curves around ancient trees, hugs majestic cliff faces and limestone outcroppings looming over the shoreline, and ushers you through narrow chutes of dense rainforest. You control your own decent with an in-sled handbrake, allowing for either a leisurely tour through the forest or a pulse-quickening dive to the bottom of the mountain.

Once your Bobsled slides to a graceful stop, you are slowly raised back through the rainforest to the top of the mountain, completing the entire circuit in about 10 minutes. Then get ready for your next adventure the unique Ragga Ride, Have a seat, but don’t get too used to having your feet on the ground! You’ll sit in pairs in Ragga ride peacefully hanging chairs as you slowly glide up the mountain from the Pavilion. With your legs dangling above the ground, you’ll reach the top and go boldly flying down the mountain on the overhead track high above Ocho Rios, veering through 14 turns, swinging out over the hanging cliffs. This gravity-assisted thrilling speed ride has four automatic braking zones so you can catch your breath to take in the epic panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea.

Then take flight through the tops of the trees on our Canopy Zipline courses, zooming from platform to platform down the mountain through the Jamaican rainforest. A fun ride with family and friends, this gravity-assisted adrenaline rush offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and the North Coast through the trees.

Anancy’s Web invites everyone to climb, swing and scramble their way up three levels to the top of this 30 ft. aerial maze of ropes and wood at Mystic Mountain. Part jungle gym, part obstacle course, this fun family attraction is adjacent to a climbing wall for you to conquer.

Again at the peak, the Rainforest Sky Explorer waits to carry you down to the base

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