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Its about having the time of your life

Campers who attend the adventure camp will be treated to a wide range of activities that will leave them fun filled and satisfied. From a first-class welcome for all campers at VIP Attractions (Club Montego Bay & Kingston), they know that they are in the best hands possible for the duration of their two weeks in the island.

We Jammin!!!

Our Cooking sessions are mainly focused on Jamaican cuisines, but not limited to local dishes. It is however the aim of the organizers to get the teens acquainted with the preparation of a wide variety of Jamaican meals along with aspects of Caribbean foods. Cooking with our capable staff at  JUTAC is about fun and learning a new culture.
At JUTAC, we cant help reiterating that we are about the edification and during their stay here, our campers will just involved in just that. Jamaica is one of the most culturally diverse places on the planet and we want our campers to enjoy what we live everyday. Our history and our heritage will be on display throughout the two weeks and we hope that our campers will come to appreciate it as much as we do.
Performing Arts
Music is in our DNA and dancing is also part of our make up. Our campers will certainly be able to enjoy themselves by learning new forms of the Jamaican creative arts. 
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Movie Nights
Campers will be able to enjoy an array of movies each night as they unwind from a day of fun and adventure. From local films about Jamaica's history to blockbusters that have made their way across the silver screen.
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Campers will be treated to a variety of excursions out of camp to enhance their experience of Jamaica. It’s an all-inclusive affair, therefore, all of our excursions are included. Some popular trips include: