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Our campers will have the ability to enjoy the benefits of sailing exercises with certified professionals.

They will go out and see the beautiful Caribbean sea and enjoy themselves as they see the natural flora and fauna that the sea has on show.

SWIMMING/ Snorkeling

From our onsite pool to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea, our campers will have the best time of their lives swimming and snorkeling to their hearts content.

There are also fantastic opportunities for other activities such as swimming with dolphins.

Just know that swimming is Jamaica is akin to a therapeutic experience and our teens love that vibe.

Canoeing / Kayaking

JUTAC also provides the opporunity for campers to get active in paddle sports as part of its offerings during the two weeks.

Expert handlers/ instructors will be on hand to guide our campers in using the crafts so that they will enjoy it in a safe manner.


Imagine eating the fish that you have caught with your own hands.

Well during their time at JUTAC, teen will have the opportunity to partake in fishing escapades and come back with their catch.

This can be done over the roaring camp fire or done in our kitchens, no matter.

It will be delicious

Water Polo

Our campers will have some competitive fun by participating in water polo. 

Here they form teams and try their best to be the best in the water based competition.

Looking forward to our champs.

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