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Our theater group works to write and adapt scripts, direct, and produce our “Camp Show” which is performed at the end of each summer session for all of camp to attend.
We have a dedicated theater staff whose knowledge and experience combine to set the stage for instruction in acting and improvisation, set design, technical lighting, and scriptwriting. We often incorporate stage combat into our performances.


During Camp, campers will get the opportunity to act in different plays and skits. Here they will entertain themselves and each other while having loads of fun. Its about finding inner actor and who knows, we might just find the next movie star right here at JUTAC.

Teen Camp Pageant

Campers will have the opportunity to participate in our camp teen pageant. Here males and females will get to showcase their knowledge of Jamaica and its culture on their way to earning the coveted camp king and queen crowns.

This pageant serves as one of the showpiece events during camp and is usually end towards the end. It is open to every camper and fun fact is judged by the campers themselves.

Talent Contest

While we use the word talent, we just was want our campers to have fun as they show off what they can do. Whether it is singing, dancing, talking it doesn't matter, its all about having fun. We look forward as you grace the stage and surprise each other during our talent night. We want our campers to feel at ease as they express themselves during the event .

Dub Poetry

Jamaica is home to an astonishing culture and part of that is the spoken word form. In Jamaica there is a form that is intricately linked to its music called dub poetry that was pioneered especially by members of the Rastafarian community. be ready to learn a few words of the dialect guys.

Music and dance

Jamaica is a country of rhythm that is felt in our reggae music and dance.  Our campers at JUTAC will learn about this and get to learn the latest dances and songs as they feel the pulse of the tropical island.

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