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Jamaica’s Ultimate Teen Adventure Camp is a fourteen (14) day all-inclusive affair created just for teenagers ages 13-17 from all across the world. It is an occasion that provides an excellent opportunity for young males and females to visit a tropical paradise and experience it in a manner that they would not normally do.

We provide accommodations, food and fun for 120 teens from across the world to come to Jamaica where they will be able to participate in and enjoy a country that is known worldwide for its culture, its music, its people amongst other interesting pulls that will leave an indelible mark on your heart.


Alrick Portrait

Alrick Robinson

Founder and CEO
Alrick has vast knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry which spans almost two decades. He has worked both locally and overseas at managerial and supervisory levels. His resume spans some of the top hotels in Jamaica, around the Caribbean and the United Kingdom where he has garnered a great amount of knowledge. His leadership and vision will allow for the campers to have some of the best experiences of their teenage lives.
Albert Portrait

Albert Robinson

Co-founder and CEO
Currently a 21-year veteran of the Jamaica Fire Brigade, Albert is an expert on safety. Over the years he has been on countless rescue missions and has been able to provide support with his extensive training as a first responder. This has taught him to deal with large groups of individuals such as when he has been deployed as a safety monitor at events such as the Reggae Sumfest. He has been trained and certified by Loss Control Associates (based in Canada) in the area of safety and security

Support Staff

JUTAC employs some of the best individuals that Jamaica has to offer so you know your child/ ward is in good hands during their stay in Jamaica. We know that it is important that despite the fun and entertainment, the safety and security of your children are paramount.

Therefore, we want to use this opportunity to highlight our dedicated team of staff members whose smiles are part of our welcome package.


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