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Soccer (football) is very popular with all of our campers — bridging international and American teens. We are able to offer both high-level plays for the competitive player, and instructional beginner-level drills for those who are just starting to play the world’s most popular sport.


Our volleyball court located in  at our campsite and is always ready for a game. Our experienced instructors can teach you the basics of passing and volleying in a very safe and fun environment.

There are opportunities for more advanced play as well to get your spike on.


Basketball is another fun activity that will be there for the campers to engage. From pick up games to organized competitions, campers will be able to enjoy themselves in a sport that continues to grow locally and can be extremely fun for all its participants.

Our court is standard sized so they can enjoy what it feels to play good game of basketball. Like every other activity, its open to all ages.

Lets go guys


Jamaica is famed for its athletics prowess and at JUTAC campers will be able to enjoy themselves in these field events.

Running, jumping, walking form part of a myriad of activities that campers can participate in on a daily basis and they go through the two weeks of fun and joy.

As always this will be done in a safe and secure environment where our staff will ensure that safety is not thrown out the window in the name of fun.

We just want our campers to enjoy the best of Jamaica and athletics is part of what is best about this tropical paradise.

Wow, lets get ready to get on the track


Rock climbing

Rise to a challenge! Campers start with the fundamentals of trust and progress to the ultimate challenge of climbing our in house rock climbing set up.

They will be able to enjoy one of the fastest growing activities for teenagers and do it in a safe and secure environment with instructors and guides in place to ensure they do it and do it well


Other Sports, Fitness Activities and Games

MTC also has regularly scheduled sessions for other physical activities designed to be inclusive of campers of all ages and abilities.


Martial Arts and Self Defense

Lacrosse and Field Hockey

Ultimate Frisbee and Frolf (Frisbee Golf)


Flag Football

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